Date: 26th January 2021



MOFE Brunei Darussalam unveils new One Common Portal system for business community


Ministry of Finance and Economy (MOFE) has introduced new online business entities registration services called “One Common Portal” (OCP) to provide new and improved interface, allowing business applicants to register their entities and manage their corporate obligations via a single platform.


The new online platform created for the Registry of Companies and Business Names Division (ROCBN) will also be used for STARS function. The next phase, expected to be launched by end of 2021, will see an inclusion of the Revenue Division services to complete the business ecology, enabling the business owners to register their business, manage their records kept at the Registry, lodge their statutory returns and pay their taxes due.


So, what does this mean for existing registered business and company owners?


For existing business entities, core information previously held on file with the ROCBN has been migrated into the OCP. To access the portal, the owners will be required to create a user account in OCP first. Owners may need to re-validate their entities’ data to ensure accurate records deposited with the ROCBN. Visit the User Guide for more information.


For new business applicants, simply create an account in OCP and experience the new one-stop-platform for your business regulatory requirements.


OCP is administered by the Registry of Companies and Business Names, a division within the MOFE, which is the regulatory authority responsible over business entities registered in Brunei Darussalam 


The portal can be accessed via this page or directly at


If you have any enquiries or need our assistance for the OCP re-registration, please do not hesitate to contact HMR Konsultan.



Article provided by HMR Konsultan

26th January 2021