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HMR Konsultan advises on Labuan. We're very responsive and ready to assist.


Labuan company formation

We provide full suite of corporate services from our Labuan office. Our main services include – - formation of Labuan companies and other Labuan business entities; - providing registered office address and resident secretary; - record-keeping, complete compliance and corporate governance with the company regulations; - nominee services; - company migration from a jurisdiction to other suitable jurisdiction; - bank account opening with selected banks; - acting as intermediary for companies formed in other jurisdictions such as Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong, the BVI, Seychelles, Samoa, etc

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Labuan financial business activities

HMR Konsultan provides complete services including advisory in relation to licence applications for banking, insurance and insurance related business activities, leasing, factoring, money broking, commodity trading, credit token and capital markets etc., under the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010. Our service includes pre-assessment of the business activity, advise on latest regulatory and statutory requirements, preparation of documents pertaining to the licence and helping clients in their interactions with Labuan FSA.

Accounts and Finance

Our accounting team offers an array of accounting and bookkeeping services for Labuan entities. We prepare management accounts, including financial statements, balance sheets, income statement and arrange for annual filing of financial report to the relevant authorities, if required by law. We also coordinate tax preparation and file annual tax return with the local tax authority in a timely manner. We provide audit oversight and work with several approved audit firms in Labuan and can arrange for your accounts to be audited by auditors of your choice.

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Latest tax exemption

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Two tax regulations

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Economic Substance Requirements

You own a Labuan company and you wish to work in Labuan, or any parts in Malaysia, you will need the proper authorisation to do so i.e., a work permit. ​How we can help? We will provide advice on the procedures for the work permit application, assist you in the preparation of all the necessary documentation, make application for a support letter from Labuan FSA, arrange for an appointment with the Immigration Department in Labuan and of course, be with you every step of the process. With our all-in-one 'economic substance' services, you leave it to us the administrative tasks and spend more time growing your business. Our dedicated specialists will look after your HR matters, beginning from the recruitment process and dealing with the local labour  authority on the onboarding process, advise on the employment regulations, and  organise the monthly payrolls for your staff based in Labuan.

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Trusts and Foundations

In recent years, there has been a growing need to take proactive steps to protect personal, business and family wealth from the impact of business ventures breakdown, succession disputes and misappropriation of assets. This is often done through the use of trusts and similar asset holding vehicles such as foundations. The choice of both vehicle and jurisdiction is vital, as is a deep understanding of the family and the governance issues involved. Having said that, Labuan trusts and foundations are getting more popular as a structure for families to use but it is important to make the trust or the foundation work for you and your personal circumstances. Equally, your interests may suit a more commercial structure such as a Labuan partnership or Labuan company. In some complex cases a tailor made structure might combine all of these elements.

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In a landscape of ever-increasing regulation and complexity due various risks, the impact is that the Labuan regulators are tightening the laws and regulations on financial business services in order to meet the international standards, and impose reporting obligations to all Labuan licensed entities. This is vital in order to safeguard the business ecology, to show greater tax transparency, keep repute of Labuan as a safe destination for international financial services and protect Malaysia's reputation as a whole. ​We provide guidance to ensure compliance in all aspects of reporting obligations, such as SMS and EAL reports, and AML reporting as set out by Labuan FSA and the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia. We offer back-office processing support, data input and deliver the reports to you for submission on time to Labuan FSA as well as the IRB. We keep all sensitive information confidential at all times in accordance with the data protection laws in Malaysia.

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